Storing Essential Oils for the Very Best Results

essential oils storageA very important factor with essential oils to ensure a long shelf life, and that the work, is to store them properly. In most cases storing in a cool, dark place is the best way to store the essential oils to ensure that they maintain effectiveness and don’t break down.

  • Dark Colored Glass: Most essential oils are stored in dark amber colored glass jars. This allows it to resist ultra-violent light. But, you can get them in other colors too such as blue. The important part is that the glass is resistant to ultra-violent light.
  • Dark Place: Even with the special glasses it’s important to still put in a dark place. Instead of leaving them out in the bathroom, or on a window sill, put them inside the cabinet.
  • Cool Place: In addition to the right glass, and keeping them in the dark, putting them in a cool place will keep them fresh longer. If your home doesn’t have air conditioning try putting them in the refrigerator, especially citrus. Some oils may solidify, that’s okay, just remove them to warm up before use.
  • Out of Reach: Store your essential oils out of sight and out of reach of children and animals. These oils can be toxic and deadly if ingested or can burn the skin too. Treat them as if they are caustic chemicals, because they are – natural or not.

Finally, never use plastic bottles with essential oils in high concentrations. You are probably okay with a few drops in some carrier oil, or water in a plastic container, but other than that use glass to avoid the oils from eating away and decomposing the plastic.

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