The Art of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy Explained…

The art of aromatherapy uses plants and the oils from plants to help alter the mood, mental, emotional and physical health of humans and even animals.  If you are just starting to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils then this is a great website  for you to read. You’ll learn the basics of aromatherapy and you’ll be in awe with the power of nature to help heal us. Read more…

Aromatherapy works by absorbing the oil into the skin, or inhaling it through the nose. You can also ingest some essential oils but do so only under the supervision and authorization of a physician.

You can put diluted essential oils on the crown of your head, behind the ears, upper and lower back, abdomen, temples, neck, under the nose, inside the wrists, and on the collarbone.

These areas are pulse points, which are usually warmer parts of the body and help act as a natural diffuser to distribute the oils into the air so that you can inhale them.

Using the right essential oils can help you with many parts of your life and improve your environment too. Need a little calming ambiance in your home, diffuse some lavender in the family room. Want to wake up easier add some lemon oil and mint to your bath wash. Have a head ache, soak a compress in some eucalyptus and place on your forehead or neck.  Do you have morning sickness? Try smelling some lemon essential oils and it will disappear. It really works; you just have to try it.

The reason essential oils work this way is that the oils are lipophilic which means that they dissolve in lipids or fats. This means that essential oils can cross the cell membrane affecting them in very healing ways. When you realize that not even antibiotics pass the cell membrane you can start imagining the way essential oils might be able to help you become healthier.

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